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NEW UPDATE – The Minutes Of General Meeting Of Alumni Association Government Polytechnic Pen Dated 31/9/2013.
Following points are discussed and decisions are taken ?

1) The meeting of Alumni Association was held on 31/08/2013 at 11a.m at Conference Hall of the Institute.

2) It is decided to arrange expert lectures ,Guest Lectures for final year students from the industry experts.

3) To provide economical help of Rs. 2000 to 3000 to indigent and scholar students of the institute.

4) Students are appointed as management committee memebers.

i) Vyavahare Akshay S.

ii) Kamble Abhijeet A.

iii) Dhulekar Shailendra

iv) Mokal Swapnil B.

5) It is decided to develop the website for Alumni Association G.P.Pen

6) It is decided to arrange management committee meeting twice in a year.

7) It is decided to print Alumni Association information Boucher for the registered members.

8) It is decided to organize next meeting of Association at the time of Annual Gathering of College.

The Proposed ALUMNI MEET Is Scheduled On 31st August,2013 At 11.00 Am.In Vishweshwarya Hall(A-101). All The Passed Out Students Are Informed That They Should Contact Their Friends And Inform Them To Attend The Meeting.
Following is the Agenda of the meeting:

  • To approve the minutes of previous meeting held dated 23/2/2013.
  • To elect new members for the Management Committee.
  • To decide the academic activities for the alumina for the next academic year.
  • To arrange visits of alumni to various industries.
  • To organize Guest Lectures for the Students.
  • To decide the activities plan of the year & any other point to be discussed with the permission of President.
  • To award scholarships for the Students.

Registered students data of Alumni to Email id –

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