Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is the art and science of manufacturing all the materials required in modern life. Whether it is bulk chemicals like steel and cement for construction or petroleum products for the automobile industry, or specialty chemicals for medical and other uses, it is the job of a chemical engineer to ensure their availability to the concerned end user. The design and operation of chemical plants requires a thorough understanding of the physical and chemical processes involved, their safety requirements and their impact on the environment. Today’s open and competitive market environment also demands that we operate our plants under optimum conditions using advanced control systems.
The Chemical Engineering department at Government Polytechnic Pen aims to prepare our students to face these challenges and play an important role in shaping the future of modern society.


  • Mass Transfer Operation
  • Heat Transfer Operation
  • Petrochemical Tech. / Environmental Eng.
  • Computer Lab
  • Chemical Instrumentation & Process Control
  • Fluid Flow Operation


On 28th February, college had arranged campus interview for civil department. The well-known CIPLA PHARMACETICAL (Patalganga) had visited to our college; and 16 students of Chemical department are selected in that interview.

  • Seminar’s
  • Guest Lectures