Library Collection

Dr. S.R.Ranganathan stated in his fifth law of library science, “The library is a growing organism” any collection of
learning resources must regularly add new materials in sufficient quantity to keep the library alive & Vibrant. So
collection development policy is made by AICTE norms & according to the curriculum prescribed by MSBTE, Mumbai.
Collection of learning resources is as given below.

1) Books: (as on 05/03/2015)

i) Subject wise library collection:

Civil Engg. 2797
Mechanical Engg. 2985
Mechanical Engg. 2985
Instrumentation & Control Engg. 2503
Chemical Engg. 2625
Computer Technology 1689
Science & Humanities 2925
General Reading 1399
I.S.I.Publications 698

(lists are available in library)

ii) Scheme wise library collection:

General Lib. Books: 7848
World Bank: 1746
Book Bank: 5779
Social Welfare Book Bank: 1161
Total 16923

2) Non Print Materials

CD’s & E-book: 17
Charts: 70
Video tapes: 49

(list attached)

3) Journals & Newspapers:

National Journals: 18
International Journals: 05
News Papers 03

(List attached)
4) On line Resources:
Electronics for you full text online journal published by EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
MSBTE, Mumbai prescribed recent Curriculum.
Physical Resources:

Space: Library Stack room area is 153.852 Sqm.
Library Reading room: 50.00Sqm in Library
Equipment: Desk Top PCs,UPS, Scanner, Printer, Barcode Printer,All in one LaserJet M11136 MFP etc.Kyocera Xerox Machine
Furniture: Book Cases, , Reading Table, Cupboards, Super work stations, Journals display rack, Books display rack Tables, Chairs, Notice board, wooden rack, etc.

Financial Resources:

Grants provide by state government for following schemes

A) Development of library

B) Book Bank

Amount utilized on different items. Till date 31/03/2015 total investment is as given below.



i Total Investment on Books: Rs. 50,61,498.00
ii Total Investment on Journals: Rs. 4,51,008.00
iii Total Investment on Equipment: Rs. 16,01,420.00
iv Total Investment on Furniture: Rs. 5,82,579.00
v Total Investment on Non Print Materials Rs. 39,610.00
vi Other Rs. 1,39,115.00
Total Investment: Rs. 78,75,230.00

Human Resources:

Sr. No. Name Designation Responsibilities
1 Prof. A. A. Bhandakkar Officer in charge Guidance in developmental work in library.
2 Smt. C. D. Mhatre Librarian Library administration, Overall supervision, Control of all sections of library, Classification of books, Participating in Library committee, giving professional information.
3 Shri. S. A. Kondamgire Assistant Librarian Weekly book circulation, book bank circulation, Reference section, book shelving.
4 Shri. D. M. Patil Peon Assist to circulation section, book bank section & book shelving, Maintain and upkeep all section of library.

i) Library staff is trained for handling the computerized system.

Library Committee: A Committee is designed as library advisory committee set up with
i) Principal- Chairman
ii) Two H. O.D.- Member
iii) Two Lecturer- Member
iv) Librarian- Member Secretary


i) Bonafide Student of the Institute
ii) Faculty & Supporting Staff of the Institute
iii) Visiting Faculty of the Institute
iv) External examiner during RAC

Working Hours:10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Services offered:

i) Book lending facility
ii) Book Bank facility provided long-term loan of text books for reserved category students and also other category
iii) Bibliographical Search facility

iv) Current Awareness Service: CAS service provided by –

  • Displaying new arrivals
  • Displaying current addition book list also circulated to all department.

v) Reference Service provided to student by answering quires. It is useful for their seminar & project work.
vi) Open Access System for student & faculty members. So user can go straight to rack and select book easily. It is
necessary to allow to go them for stack to stack and browse among the books in their free time. This is raised their
tendency to read the book.
vii) Reading Room facility for 20 students and faculty together in the main library.
viii) Reprographic Service: Xerox machine is available & reprographic service is made available on request to the student & faculty member ocassionaly.

Extension Services:

i) Book Exhibition on special occasion.
ii) User orientation program for new users
iii) Thought of the week
iv) Essay Competition on life sciences for development of social moral awareness.

Special feature:

i) The Collection development in Civil/ Mechanical/ Instrumentation engg. are exceptionally rich.
ii) Open Access System
iii) Fully Automated & Bar Coded. Users can search the required books through computer. Library management software i-lib is available for the users.