The library in any institution assumes a place of great importance as it plays the key role of information storage and dissemination with all possible methods. The primary function of library is to provide resources, services and facilities needed for study, teaching and research in the polytechnic. The institute has a well-stocked, library with a collection of 16991 text books as well as reference books such as encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, directories. There are various national and international journals subscribed regularly in order to keep pace with information on the latest development in the world on selected core subjects.

Library Vision:

To be a centre of excellence for comprehensive collection of all kind of information to support teaching and learning.

Library Mission:

1. To provide continuous access, knowledge and information to the users of the library for achieving excellence in engineering disciplines.
2. To provide positive learning environment for all students to become active and independent learners. To ensure that all student have the skills and opportunity to access, evaluate and use information and to prepare student to be lifelong 21st century learners.
3. To put in place an efficient and effective administrative system that will facilitate and optimize the use of the library’s resources by students and lecturers.